More interested in making Universal's samurai action drama 47 Ronin starring Keanu Reeves, director Carl Rinsch has decided to leave Warner Bros. sci-fi remake Logan's Run in the dust. According to The Hollywood Reporter, both projects were vying to be commercial helmer Rinsch's feature length debut.

47 Ronin won the race after Universal set the movie with a November 21st, 2012 release date, making it a "go" picture. Concept art and location scouting have already begun on this 18th Century Japanese tale following a gang of samurai who head out to avenge the death of their master.

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A remake of Logan's Run has been gestating at Warner Bros. for quite sometime, and has attracted many directors throughout the years. Bryan Singer, Robert Schwentke, and Joseph Kosinski were all attached at one point in time. Though the lose of Rinsch pushes Logan's Run further away from any intended release date, producers Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman are not intent on sitting around waiting for Carl Rinsch to finish 47 Ronin so that he can return to this reboot. They feel they have an exceptionally strong script in Alex Garland's latest draft, and will soon seek out another director.