Marvel's Loki series for Disney+ has added another new member to its growing cast in the form of Richard E. Grant. The Oscar-nominee will star alongside Tom Hiddleston, who returns as the trickster god once more. Additionally, it has been confirmed that the show will make its debut on the streaming service in early 2021. Production is currently underway on the series, which is one of several new live-action shows Marvel has in the works for Disney+.

According to multiple reports, Richard E. Grant has been added to Loki in an unspecified role. Grant is known for his roles in Can You Ever Forgive Me?, which earned him a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination, as well as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Grant also starred in a previous Marvel project, though not one connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor starred alongside Hugh Jackman in 2017's Logan. Some of Grant's other roles include Gosford Park, Downton Abbey and The Hitman's Bodyguard. Other confirmed cast members include Owen Wilson (Wedding Crashers), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Motherless Brooklyn) and Sophia Di Martino (Yesterday).

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Meanwhile. Disney's Bob Iger confirmed that Loki will arrive in early 2021 on Disney+ during a Disney shareholders meeting. No specific date was revealed at this time. This year will see the first of these new live-action MCU shows, which will be heavily connected to the movies, make their way into the world. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is set to debut in August, though the production recently had to shut down in Prague due to the coronavirus outbreak. WandaVision will also debut this year and is set to arrive in December. Other shows in the works include Hawkeye, She-Hullk, Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel.

Little is known about Loki right now as plot details are being kept tightly under wraps. We know it will center on Thor's adopted brother, specifically, after he made away with the Tesseract during the time heist portion of Avengers: Endgame. We know that Loki ultimately meets his demise at the hands of Thanos in the beginning of Infinity War, which means the character's endpoint has already been determined. It's expected that the show will hop around various points in time. A brief teaser was released earlier this year which gave us mere seconds of footage, showcasing the villain locked up in a prison.

Unlike other live-action Marvel shows produced during the MCU era, these shows will tie-in heavily with the movies. For instance, WandaVision will connect directly to next year's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. That will make them essential viewing for hardcore fans, which couldn't necessarily be said for shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is directly involved as a producer on all of these new streaming projects in the works for Disney+. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details are made available. This news comes to us via Discussing Film.

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