We're now halfway through the Loki series and it's still unclear what the main endgame of the series is. The third episode left audiences on a cliffhanger but still didn't make it clear where the series is going. However, Tom Hiddleston has teased that episode 4 may be when the show reveals its true nature.

In an interview with BBC Radio's Ali Plumb, Tom Hiddleston stated that episode 4 is where Loki will go into an entirely different direction, a direction that will expand even further in episode 5 before the finale. Hiddleston is telling audiences to prepare for a ride that is going to get even more insane.

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"The series takes off in a new direction in episode 4," Hiddleston said. "And then the destination of that journey kind of comes to fruition in episode 5. So, 4 and 5, I mean, buckle up, cause we're going somewhere. I hope you don't see it coming."

This quote is incredibly vague, so no amount of fan theories will be able to answer what Hiddleston means by this. In a show where the timeline is controlled by the TVA (Time Variance Authority), almost anything could really happen.

So far, we have seen Loki learn about his fate and almost become complacent with his new role in assisting Owen Wilson's Mobius investigate this new Loki variant. In episode 3, we see Loki and the variant, named Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), stuck on the moon Lamentis-1. The moon appears deserted mainly because the moon is about to be destroyed in a collision with another planet. In a journey to recharge the TemPad so they can escape, the two reveal inner truths to one another, giving us more character moments with our heroes (or villains).

The episode ends with the two variants becoming stuck on the moon as their only way out was destroyed by an asteroid. While not much happened in terms of progressing the main narrative, one important detail we learned is that none of the agents are who they appear to be. They're all variants throughout time who were brainwashed by the timekeepers to believe that they were created by the timekeepers to defend the sacred timeline.

This detail will probably be a key piece of information going forward as the two Loki variants go after the TVA. If the series is leading to a dismantling of the TVA, this could cause massive chaos in the MCU going forward. Head writer, Michael Waldron, spoke with Comicbook about potential connections of this series to Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, which is also written by Waldron.

"I think everybody will have a better idea of that when on the other end of it," Waldron said. "I'll just say that our charge and the goal from the beginning was telling a complete, thrilling story that can stand alone, and by the end of it, we'll see what we blew the lid on."

We also know that Spiderman: No Way Home will feature villains from previous Spiderman movies, including Spiderman 2's Doctor Octopus and The Amazing Spiderman 2's Electro. How they're in the next Spiderman film hasn't been confirmed but the idea of them being variants would make sense as variants can look very different from their counterparts in other universes. If Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield end up being in No Way Home, it would make sense that they're possible variants of Tom Holland's Peter Parker.

It's impossible to predict what the impact of the TVA will be on the MCU going forward. However, Hiddleston's comments are getting us excited for what's going to happen in the next three weeks.