When it comes to Marvel's Disney+ series, we have seen WandaVision turn Wanda Maximoff into the Scarlet Witch and prepare her for Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness, and also turn Monica Rambeau into the superhero that will be next seen in The Marvels. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has given us a new Captain America, and the potential first step to The Thunderbolts. Loki, however, has gone one step further to set up a number of future Marvel movies and TV shows, but in truth, it reaches much, much further. Read on with heed as Loki Episode Six spoilers are abound.

In the last minutes of Loki's finale, we see Sylvie kill the character that many people are aware is an older version of Kang The Conqueror, most certainly Immortus as seen in the comics. We then instantly see the impact of her actions as a giant statue of the character appears in the center of the TVA and no one appears to know who Loki is anymore. While many questions have been answered by the series, there are so many more to be asked. What has happened to Sylvie? Where did Ravonna Renslayer go? Who is now actually at the end of time running the TVA? But we will likely have to wait a long time for those kind of answers.

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Outside of the Loki series, and the second season which we now know to be coming somewhere in the timeline, the ramification of these events is very simple in principle; everything that has happened in the timeline so far may now have been changed. Take this in, think about it and then realize that what that equates to is a clean slate for Marvel where they can, for now, discard anything they wish to from the history of the MCU. While this offers limitless possibilities as to where that could lead, here are just a few of the effects the final ten minutes of Loki have had on the MCU timeline.

If we start with Loki himself, we can assume that Kang's plan was always to be killed by Sylvie, probably because after taking command of the timeline he realized that he was stuck at the end of time and not an all-powerful conqueror of worlds like he wants to be. This is made clear from his "See you soon" line, in that he knew he would be back in a big way. However, back in the TVA, which is still clearly up and running and being controlled by someone, Mobius doesn't recognize Loki. This suggests that Loki's entire history as a variant, which the show has been based on from the start, has now changed, either meaning there have been no Loki Variants or Loki has ceased to exist. It is quite easy to see why a second season is on the way.

Let's now go back to WandaVision. In the post credit scene, we see Wanda in her new Scarlet Witch form reading the Darkhold while hidden away in the mountains. In the final episode of the series, Wanda removed every trace of the fake world she created to live out her life with Vision, which included the loss of her children Billy and Tommy, who were part of the illusionary world. So when during the post-credit scene Wanda clearly hears her sons crying out to her we did not know how this could be possible. With the multiverse now a reality, it is certain that Billy and Tommy exist as variants in another universe that will soon be seen crossing paths with what we know to be the MCU timeline.

With this kind of switch-up of the timeline possible, and the obvious fact that Kang has becoming much more powerful in his new iteration, what does that mean for events of, say, Infinity War and Endgame? Did these events happen in the same way as when we originally witnessed them, or have they been changed? Also how does this all affect the upcoming movies in Phase Four with that in mind? While Shang-Chi is seemingly set in "current times", could the appearance of Wong and The Abomination (who looks slightly different from his appearance in The Incredible Hulk) be explained by a change in the timeline? Have the changes meant that Wong is no longer affiliated with Doctor Strange? Did The Abomination avoid being defeated by Hulk? There have been many questions asked about the Eternals and why they did nothing to prevent Thanos causing The Blip, does their absence and appearance now stem directly from the changes caused by Loki? We know that Eternals spans many years, and saw mention of The Avengers in the trailer, but could the powerful beings find their reality altered by the multiverse?

We already know that the multiverse is going to play a big part of Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness, obviously, and as Kang talked about the "horrors" that could come with the breaking of the timeline, this will fit very well with the horror elements expected in the Sorcerer Supreme's next outing. The rumors of Spider-Man: No Way Home heavily featuring the multiverse, past Spider-Men and villains such as the Green Goblin now all hold a certain amount of weight, and it is clear why any trailers for this have been held back until after the finale of Loki. Kang The Conqueror is the villain of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, but the question here is will the events of that movie make the multiverse issues better or a whole lot worse, especially as the Fantastic Four' s arrival will follow soon after this. We also have What If...? which is clearly going to show us just some of the possible realities that have now been brought into existence by the multiverse, and like Loki, that series will have a second season, meaning that there are a lot of alternative stories to tell.

Then we have the more distant offerings from Marvel that could well be influenced by the events of Loki. Will Mephisto and Galctus both arrive in the MCU by way of the new timelines and universes that have been exposed. The arrival of both Fantastic Four - who in the comics have crossed paths with Kang The Conqueror, as has their nemesis, Dr Doom - and the X-Men are most likely going to come as a direct consequence of the multiverse, and considering we are a few years from that, the multiverse problem is something that is not going to be resolved within the known movies and series'. Add into this Kevin Feige's comments that this phase is mostly about "new beginnings", all signs point to the MCU spreading into an almighty, sprawling beast running out of control in all directions.

So where will of this eventually lead? Who knows? All that is truly certain is that somewhere in the currently distant future we are going to come to a point when everything that has been done, undone and everything in between will need to be consolidated into a new fixed timeline and that kind of cataclysmic event is going to put Endgame in the shade when it finally arrives.