After the huge success of WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios will be unleashing yet another series with Loki. The highly anticipated show will follow a new version of the God of Mischief as he works with the TVA (Time Variance Authority) to prevent multiple realities. Both Kevin Feige and star Tom Hiddleston have been hyping up the new show by revealing small details and plotlines, and it seems that Feige has finally confirmed the appearance of a few famous comic book characters.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Feige revealed that Loki will handle the multiverse, time, reality, and even different versions of the character himself. Feige said,

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"He's been around for thousands of years. He had all sorts of adventures. Wanting to fill in the blanks and see much more of Loki's story [was] the initial desire [for the series]. Part of the fun of the multiverse and playing with time is seeing other versions of characters. And other versions of the titular character in particular."

By "other versions of the titular character", Kevin Feige means exactly that. In the comics, there are many different versions of Loki such as Kid Loki, Lady Loki, and Ikol. There is no way of knowing which new Loki's could appear on the show, but Feige insinuates that fans will get to meet several of them - perhaps a few original versions as well. Personally, I would love for the show to pay homage to a classic Thor character and have a Frog Loki (a turn on Frog Thor/Simon Walterson), but that's just me.

As for what this means for the larger part of the MCU, it has been heavily rumored that Loki will lead into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The multiverse is set to officially debut in the MCU, and Loki is the perfect place to start. As has already been revealed, Loki will have time travel and multiverse shenanigans, so there could be plenty of opportunities for Loki himself to cause major problems for the core timeline. It will be very exciting to see how Marvel Studios plans to incorporate Loki with the rest of the films.

Additionally, in the same interview, Hiddleston discussed how fans will get to see some new abilities from Loki as well as some fun, unpredictable mischief. He said, "[That] was very exciting because in the other films, there was always something about Loki that was very controlled. He seemed to know exactly what the cards in his hand were and how he was going to play them.... And Loki versus the TVA is Loki out of control immediately, and in an environment in which he's completely behind the pace, out of his comfort zone, destabilized, and acting out." Hiddleston implies that his new role with the TVA will really shake things up for his character, and audiences have no way of knowing how he will ultimately react. Loki is shaping up to be one of the most intriguing Marvel Studios projects yet.

Loki will star Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius. Sophia Di Martino, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Cailey Fleming, Richard E. Grant, Sasha Lane, and Wunmi Mosaku will also star in unconfirmed roles. It will premiere the first episode on Disney+ on June 9, 2021. This news comes to us from Coming Soon.