So far, Loki has been a crazy, sci-fi mystery involving time agents and variants of the same characters. At the heart of the mystery are the timekeepers, who we know so far as the protectors of the sacred timeline. The agents of the TVA work for the timekeepers to make sure that any variants do not disrupt the timeline. However, in episode 3, the series hinted that the timekeepers may not be who they claim to be.

The new poster revealed by Disney+ showcases the three statues of the timekeepers. While this ultimately reveals nothing, Loki hasn't met the timekeepers yet, nor has the audience. The timekeepers haven't been shown on screen. All we have seen of them so far is statues and in the animated exposition sequences from Miss Minutes.

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The Time Keepers poster itself may not reveal anything, but the timing of it is curious. Normally, Disney+ waits until a character has been revealed before showcasing a poster of them. This has been the case for other shows such as Wandavision and The Mandalorian. For example, a poster of Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano was not revealed until after we saw her for the first time in episode 5. Even The Bad Batch has kept many of its character reveals a secret until after the episode with that character airs.

One key piece of information we learned in episode 3 is that the TVA agents are actually variants who were brainwashed by the timekeepers into believing that they were created for a divine purpose. This crucial piece of info reveals that the timekeepers could be lying about many other things or there are no timekeepers and someone else is running the show entirely.

A popular theory amongst fans is that one of the timekeepers is actually Kang the Conqueror. In the comics, Kang is a time-traveling entity who has many battles and interactions with the timekeepers. His alternate identity, known as Immortus, has caused many problems for the timekeepers in the comics that could show up in this series. We already know that Kang is going to make his MCU debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Kang will also be portrayed by Jonathan Majors. We still don't know who the next Thanos of Marvel will be, but Kang is one of the most powerful villains in Marvel comics, so there is a strong chance it may be him.

However, Kang could potentially make his debut here, especially with the premise of Loki being so linked to time and traveling through it. In an interview with BBC Radio, Tom Hiddleston teased that episode 4 of Loki "takes off in a new direction." It's possible that Hiddleston may be hinting to getting a better look at who the timekeepers actually are.

Is Kang a timekeeper? Are the timekeepers even real? Who knows, but maybe it'll be revealed soon who these timekeepers are and what their intentions are as well. With only three episodes left in the series, we are bound to find out more about the timekeepers sooner rather than later.

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