It is often assumed that many movies and TV shows are finished long before they are ever seen by the public, but thanks to a post by Loki director Kate Herron, we now know that even the biggest shows can run pretty much to the wire. In a Twitter post on Sunday, Herron revealed that she had only just finally completed work on the finale of the series and sent it to Disney ready for broadcasting in less than a month's time.

It is certainly known that some shoots can overrun, and editing can push deadlines to the wire, but hearing that the biggest show on Disney+ has only just barely had its last episode signed off by its director, when the series is already two episodes into its run proves just how close to that wire it can sometimes get. With many reactions showing shock and disbelief that completion on the series could go so close to air date, Herron herself didn't seem too phased by the close call, and said as much.

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"And that's a wrap on #Loki with our finale now gone to @disneyplus!!! I can't believe I finished this show sat at my parents kitchen table, the same table where I put my pitch together nearly two years ago. Thank you @MarvelStudios for changing my life and to our wonderful team."

One user was quick to reply with the same thought running through the collective heads of the fan-base of the show. They said, "I would have thought that the entire six episode series was completed before the first episode had aired. I didn't realize production was running that close to the wire (just a one month lead time)." Herron replied, "Yeah it's bananas. Just takes a long time to get those visual effects / sound all cooking on a project this mammoth so we took any time we could get :)"

There is no one who would deny that the effort is going to have been worth it. Every Marvel series so far has ended on the highest viewer numbers of its run, and with Loki's premiere episode becoming the most watched property on Disney+, we can only imaging where it is going to end on the 14th of July when the series comes to its close. The many comments on the back of Herron's post were further proof of how much fans are loving the return of Tom Hiddleston as the God of Mischief.

"Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful story for this character! We're only two episodes in, but it's clear to us that no other person could've done this but you and your team. Can't wait to see where this journey will take #Loki and us! Thank you a million times", read one post, with another adding, "The first two episodes have been amazing and I cannot wait to see the entire series. you've done a fantastic job, and you even convinced my best friend to read 'Loki: Agent of Asgard' once she's seen the entire series!"

Episodes 1 and 2 of Loki are on Disney+ now, with the next episode premiering on Wednesday. With four episodes to go, all eyes are definitely on Loki and what impact the show will have on the future of the MCU.