Marvel Studios is having some fun this April Fool's Day. Looking way far into the future, they have brought us all a sneak peek at their impending Marvel Phase 9 movie Lokitty's Revenge. And judging from this teaser trailer, it seems that a few decades from now, the company's best days will be far behind them. Either that, or human taste has dwindled and the future truly is Idiocracy.

Lokitty's Revenge is Marvel's The Avengers with household pets. Behold Phase K-9, which follows 6 superhero dogs as they face off against their most daunting foe yet! Meet the super villain Lokitty played by Dexter the cat, along with Golden Retriever Archer as Captain America, Bull Dog Rutabaga as The Hulk, Zelda the Pug as Black Widow, and Chihuahua Robot as Iron Man, along with more dogs stepping into play Hawkeye and Thor.

Marvel boldly declares that they plan to release Lokitty's Revenge in the year 20-Never (just in case you weren't in on the joke). This is just one of many April Fool's videos rolling through the Internet. Because it was officially released by Marvel, maybe that makes it a little cooler than most? That's debatable. You can take a look at the video and judge for yourself. Did you laugh or groan...Or can you see this actually happening? I mean, Disney already released Super Buddies back in 2013...So maybe it's not really a joke at all?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange