When Olympus Has Fallen opened in 2013, no one thought it would go onto launch an action movie franchise. But the thriller caught on with audiences hungry for a good old fashion shoot-em-up yarn in line with Die Hard, giving us a new John McClane in Gerard Butler's secret service agent Mike Banning. Now he is back for a second go at saving the President of the United States with London Has Fallen, which also brings back Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart. Empire shares a first look at the leading man in action.

In the first movie, Banning fought off North Korean soldiers on American soil as they infiltrated the White House. Now he is heading overseas. This sneak peek brings Gerard Butler to Charing Cross, the same location used in 2012's Skyfall. He is handing out a beating to a terrorist in the crumbling underground station. About the continuation of the action movie series, Gerard Butler had this to say.

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"It's a fun franchise. You get to do a lot of really badass action, but it's got its tongue firmly in its cheek."

Mike Banning must once again save the day, this time with help from an M16 agent played by Charlotte Riley. Aaron Eckhart is reprising his role as President Asher, who gets targeted for assassination while attending the London funeral of the Prime Minister. This puts other World Leaders in jeopardy as well. Morgan Freeman is back as Speaker Allan Trumbull, as is Angela Bassett as Secret Service director Lynn Jacobs. Take a look as one bad guy gets a serious ass-whoopin'. Guess he didn't mind the gap!

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