An Education director Lone Scherfig is circling a new directing project: Mob Girl starring Jessica Biel.

Pajiba is reporting that the project is currently out to writers.

The film is based on the true story of Arlyn Brickman, a 'mob mistress' who was raped by wiseguys during the course of a life fully tied to crime. She eventually turned state's evidence, gathered information and helped put away Anthony Scarpati. The source material would be Teresa Carpenter's book "Mob Girl."

"Exploring the criminal mind is truly interesting and something I haven't done. I'm interested in someone more violent and more flawed," she explained.

Here's the synopsis of the book:

From an early age, Arlyn Brickman associated with petty and some not so petty racketeering figures, starting with her grandmother and father. Intoxicated by the glamour

and flash, she made herself "indispensable" to wiseguys by running errands, carrying packages, or offering her home as a meeting place or safe haven-not to mention the dozens of mob figures with whom she slept. Before long, she vaulted from an adjunct role into the thick of bookmaking, loansharking, and drug dealing. Over a 30-year career, she had eight abortions and endured beatings, humiliations, and a brutal rape, eventually becoming a government informant and witness.