Lone Starr: A Spaceballs Story is set to the Solo trailer and it's perfect. This new fan-made mashup is exactly what fans who are skeptical of the Star Wars spin-off movie have been waiting for, while also teasing the possibility of Spaceballs to do the same thing. The idea of a young Lonestarr movie is almost better than a young Han Solo and this new trailer proves it. Mel Brooks needs to be alerted so that we can get a proper backstory for the young Lonestarr.

The new trailer for Solo came out nearly 2 weeks ago and Star Wars fans are still dissecting it and wondering why the young Han Solo isn't really featured in the promotional material. However, the new Lone Starr: A Spaceballs Story trailer has plenty of Captain Lonestarr set to the audio of the Solo trailer and it really is perfect for the fans who are skeptical of the young Han Solo movie. A little Spaceballs magic goes a long way to prove just how ridiculous all of the divisiveness about the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer is.

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The fan-made trailer actually does a really good job of promoting Spaceballs and one could easily see Mel Brooks jumping at the chance to spoof the Solo movie. There have been talks of Spaceballs 2 for over 30 years now, but they've never really materialized into anything except an animated series that didn't last for very long. Brooks has reportedly been in talks with the studio to make the sequel for years now, which have apparently gone nowhere and instead gotten the hopes up of fans from all over the world.

On the other side of the fence, Star Wars fans are getting a bunch of new movies. 6 new movies from the franchise have been released since the debut of Spaceballs in 1987 with the 7th being the Solo movie, which comes out in May. Mel Brooks isn't getting any younger, so now would be the perfect time to start talks about a real version of this fan-made trailer. Lone Starr: A Spaceballs Story could go on to solve the mystery of Lonsetarr's parents and how he meets up with Barf, which is something fans have wondered about for years.

Lone Starr: A Spaceballs Story ultimately does a good job of spoofing Solo: A Star Wars Story and makes fans excited for the prospect of both projects. The Solo movie hits theaters on May 25th, while the long-awaited screenplay Spaceballs 2 sits on the desk of some studio, gathering dust. That's assuming that there is an actual screenplay written for it, which is probably just wishful thinking. In the meantime, we have this fantastic fan-made trailer that somebody needs to show Mel Brooks as soon as possible. You can check out the fan-made trailer for Lone Starr: A Spaceballs Story below, thanks to Darth Blender's YouTube channel.