There aren't many truly rememberable Oscars moments this year. Which is really too bad. Now, we've discovered that Lonely Island was asked to create a song for the overlong show. And guess what? It's amazing.

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The nearly 4-minute song was rejected for being way too ambitious. It would have required a number of A list actors to sing and dance, with Chris Hemsworth reprising his Thor character and Gal Gadot getting back in her Wonder Woman costume to wonder, 'Why Not Me?'

The superheroes are joined by quite a few other blockbuster breakouts who were not recognized in the slightest at this year's Oscars ceremony. And they really bemoan that fact, wondering why they're not good enough for the golden statue. The song has Jason Momoa's Aquaman wondering why The Shape of Water was so popular, when he's obviously the much more attractive fish man. And Pennywise makes a song and dance appearance to call out #OscarSoWhite, noting that it's not white enough to include him.

This rejected song and dance number would have even included Michael Fassbender's huge bomb The Snowman. Fassbender would have been required to sing a parody of the snowman song from Frozen, which is funnier than anything we actual saw at this year's Oscars. It's really too bad this didn't happen.

As Lonely Island explain it, they were asked to write a song for this year's Academy Awards. Unfortunately, it wasn't chosen because it was "financially and logistically impossible", so for fun they are sharing the rough storyboards of what would have been a fully shot, with a star-studded cast.

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