Sony Pictures has released an international poster for Looper, debuting in theaters nationwide September 28. Back in January, director Rian Johnson revealed a photo of himself inside the time travel device used in his sci-fi thriller. Check out this U.K. quad poster, which offers another intriguing look at this bizarre machine, and you can read on for details regarding a new viral website.

Looper U.K. Quad Poster

The poster also features the numbers "07153902935" scratched into the wall. It turns out to be a code for this viral website, and if you click on the time machine, the following photo of Jeff Daniels appears.

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Looper Jeff Daniels Photo

If you click on the Twitter and Facebook share buttons, it reveals the question, "Who is The Rainmaker?" It seems that Jeff Daniels is this aforementioned Rainmaker, but what is his purpose? We'll keep you posted if any new materials arise from this new viral website.