Jersey Girl: The first news of today was a bit unsettling when I first found out about it. But the more I absorb it the more I think I like it! According to Jennifer Lopez is in negotiations to play opposite Ben Affleck in the upcoming Kevin Smith film Jersey Girl. Lopez would play Affleck's new wife who brings with her into their marriage a 6 year old daughter. Filming is set to begin in August. Personally I'm very excited about this little film!

Austin Powers in Goldmember: Are you excited about the third installment of this spy-parody franchise? The you need to immediately head over to the official site. Yesterday they unveiled some very cool stuff. First off they released the final one-sheet poster for the film and it looks brilliant. And secondly they have posted the final theatrical trailer. Yeah baby!

CLICK HERE for some Austin Powers trailer goodness!

CLICK HERE and see the brand new poster!

Road to Perdition: I remember the days when Tom Hanks used to make movies I looked forward to seeing. You may not agree but I thought Joe Verses the Volcano was brilliant. Well, I have to admit those days might be here again. I am so looking forward to Road to Perdition. Everything about this movie just looks good. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a little piece of gold. And today I'm bringing it to you.

CLICK HERE to see the ful trailer for what could be a great Tom Hanks movie!

Bowling for Columbine: I am a fan of Michael Moore. I don't know why exactly but I am a fan none the less. The first time I sat down and watched Roger and Me in my first film class I was astounded at how powerful a documentary could be, while also being fun and sarcastic in it's tone. This week at the Cannes film festivals Mr. Moore has trotted out his latest fare. Bowling for Cloumbine is a documentary look at gun control and violence in America. Everyone should see this film.

CLICK HERE for the official Cannes site and an awesome series of clips!

Until next time...~Bobby