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Hey everybody! If you have cable TV then you'll definitely wanna check this out! tonight at 8PM Eastern & Pacific time, The Sci-Fi channel is airing an exclusive documentary on Lord Of The Rings called, "A Passage To Middle Earth: The Making Of Lord Of The Rings"! By clicking the link you can also view several interviews that were conducted with the cast and crew of the film! Don't miss out! But, if do there will be encore presentations within the next week:

  • Sunday, December 9, at 1AM E/P
  • Monday, December 10, at 10PM E/P
  • Friday, December 14, at 6PM E/P
  • Saturday, December 15, at 11AM E/P
As you can tell by the counter at the top, ticking away like a time bomb, all of us here at Lights Out are EXTREMELY excited for this movie to come out. You can get excited with us by checking in on us EVERYDAY until opening day, for we'll be bring you EVERYTHING ANYONE has to offer on this epic of epics!
Movie PictureIn Resident Evil news, {1} in now in full effect! If you want to be known as the guy or girl that designed the poster for the video game that forever changed the way zombies will be seen, then {2}! I know I will!

If designing isn't your forte then how about just checking out some cool pictures from the movie!?!? About 100 to be exact! Click here.

In Resident Evil video game news, IGN has posted several pictures and videos for the upcoming Nintendo Gamecube game.Click here!

Here's a weird movie rumor that came about this week... This week Variety reported that Jerry Bruckheimer will produce a film inspired by the famous Disney theme park ride, Pirates of the Carribean. Yo ho.

Stay Tuned... ~Brian