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Sorry for the long delay without updates! We've moved to a new location in Southern California so things got a bit hectic! Anyway, enough of that mess, let's dive right into some great things happening in Middle Earth!

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* Our friends over at War Of The Ring have gotten a hold of a ton of pictures from The Two Towers video game! These clips show off some footage never seen in the movie before! CLICK HERE

* War of The Ring have also managed to scare up some actual video clips from the video games as well! CLICK HERE

* DVD Town has gone and digitized some footage of the special extended edition DVD of Fellowship Of The Ring! You have to sign up for an account, but if you're as excited about owning this thing as any of us are, it's worth it! CLICK HERE

Stay tuned for our official review of the extended edition DVD next Wednesday!

* A new show on Bravo TV is in the midst called "Page To Screen". It seems the show will deal with the aspects of bringing a book, novel, or any other literature to the big screen. A show for Lord Of The Rings is to be scheduled soon, but the details aren't available right now. Stay tuned to Bravo's "Page To Screen" schedule or just stick right here to Lights Out for any news we hear about the episode!

* The official site has been updated! Download new EVIL desktops from The Two Towers as well as check out some official clips from the extended release of Fellowship of The Ring! CLICK HERE

Movie Picture

Last but not least, the official Lord Of The Rings website has released the final one sheet poster for the theatrical release of The Two Towers!

Click the image to the left to see a bigger version, or CLICK HERE

Stay tuned...~Brian

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