Truth, justice and the American way prevail! It seems we're getting a true Lost Boys 2, only in the form of a comic. 30 years removed from the release of the original cult classic, this is perhaps the only way to go, especially since one of the main stars has long since drifted into the chilly night air of Santa Carla. The Lost Boys sequel comic will pick up where we last left Sam, Mike, his mother and their vampire fighting Grandpa.

There's no denying that The Lost Boys is an 80s cult classic that has a legion of fans. But the franchise hasn't exactly faired well over the past few decades. The movie was supposed to get a true sequel heading into the 90s, which never happened. It would have revolved around an all-girl vampire coven, and may have just been too far ahead of its time. It wasn't until 2008 that the original movie got a direct-to-video sequel with Lost Boys: The Tribe. It wasn't well received by fans, as it was basically a reboot of the first movie with Corey Feldman reprising his iconic Edgar Frog role in what amounted to nothing more than an extended cameo. 2010's Lost Boys: The Thirst was a better effort, and proved to be a rousing adventure for both Frog brothers.

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Around the time of the first VOD sequel, Warner Bros. and Wildstorm published the first 'true sequel' comic titled 'Reign of Frogs', which was supposed to take place between the 1987 movie and The Thirst. But its timeline was closer to the later movie. This new comic book series, which is being released by Vertigo Comics, is being looked at as the true Lost Boys 2, and immediately follows the events seen in director Joel Schumacher's original classic. The team behind the comic includes Hack/Slash creator and Grayson writer Tim Seeley, The Dark & the Bloody's Scott Godlewski and Patricia Mulvihill doing interior art, with covers coming from Tony Moore.

This new story will stay true to the horror comedy elements that struck such a nerve with original fans. And it promises to keep all the fun of the original intact. All of the surviving characters will return to the bloody boardwalk of Santa Carla, California, where the local residents are more on edge than usual. It seemed things were returning back to normal for the coastal town after a 'supernatural scuffle' left David, head vampire, dead. Now, Mike and Sam must reunite with the militant vampire hunting brothers Edgar and Allan Frog to face off against a new gang of bloodthirsty nightcrawlers. This new pack of fanged out monsters is known as the Blood Belles, who come to collect David's girlfriend, their long lost sister, Star, which harkens back to the original idea of The Lost Girls sequel that Joel Schumacher tried to get going in the 90s. Tim Seeley had this to say about creating the new series, which will hit store shelves this fall.

"I saw 'The Lost Boys' at a formative time in my life, when a VHS, a VCR and a summer afternoon were a perfect escape into a crazy world of biker vampires with mullets and monster-fighting hippy grandpas. 'The Lost Boys' was one of my entry points into the horror genre, and I've been fascinated ever since. Getting the chance to write a sequel to the film, featuring the original characters, and getting to work with Scott, Patricia and Tony is truly a high point in my comic book-making career."

Some of Scott Godlewski's interior art has been released, along with a look at one of the covers, which pays homage to the original Lost Boys poster. Godlewski had this to say about creating the new story.

"I hadn't revisited the film until after becoming involved with this project and totally understood the fascination and the reason for the devoted cult following. My artistic approach to the series is all about keeping the lighter moments light so that when the blood and guts show up they hit you like a hammer."

Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Kiefer Sutherland, Jami Gertz, Dianne Wiest, Edward Herrmann, Alex Winter, Jamison Newlander and Barnard Hughes starred in the original movie. Issue #1 of the monthly miniseries will be available on October 12 from Vertigo on behalf of Warner Bros. Consumer Products. Here is the official synopsis from Vertigo Comics.

"The stakes are raised in this nostalgic and unstoppable sequel to the '80s cult classic vampire film, The Lost Boys. Veteran horror writers Tim Seeley, and Scott Godlewski deliver a gruesome and stylish return to the bloody boardwalks and big hair of 1987! Santa Carla, California is on edge. The eccentric coastal town and haven for the undead was finally returning to "normal" after its last supernatural scuffle left the local coven's head vampire dead and gave newcomers Michael and Sam Emerson a housewarming both violent and bizarre. Now the brothers must once again team up with militant vampire hunters Edgar and Allan Frog when a new gang of ruthless, stunning, life-sucking nightcrawlers known as the Blood Belles emerges from the aftermath to collect Michael's love interest and their lost sister, Star."

Corey Haim passed away in 2010, and was only seen during the end credit sequence of the first sequel in 2008. His character, Sam Emerson, was remembered in The Thirst, but it's nice to see the character truly live again, even if it is just in a comic book. You can check out some of Godlewski's interior art here courtesy of Variety. It clearly shows Sam looking at an issue of Reign of Frogs, which hints that particular story may not exactly be canon, but is instead viewed as a bit of folklore within this, the real story behind what happened after the events seen in The Lost Boys.