Corey Feldman has returned from his vacation with some rather sad news this morning. It looks like fans worldwide could not convince Warner Brothers executives to launch the second coming of the Emerson family on theater screens this summer. Instead, The Lost Boys: The Tribe will make its debut on home video this July. Which is actually better for us fans in some respects. We'll get to watch it as many times as we want. And the home market grosses will surely be enough to insure a third outing. So it's not all bad news.

Corey had this to say about the matter, "I want to thank everyone who so diligently fought for the LB2 Theatrical release. I am not conceiting defeat just yet...Although I must admit the possibility is bleak at the moment. The only real shot left is if every single fan of the movie were to take the time to personally hand write a letter to The president of Warner Bros. Jeff Robinov and send it directly to his desk c/o Warner Brothers studios. If by chance every single one of you wrote a plea letter it may make a difference, but I sure can't make any promises. I know many of you are feeling disappointed and hurt...As am I and as you should. We see a lot worse movies get theatrical releases every week. You can lead an exec. to the theater but you can't make him watch. Oh well, either way I hope you enjoy the film when it comes out on whatever format. I must say I caught the artwork floating around and was not very impressed. However don't judge a movie by its DVD cover."

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Corey was also kind enough to drop us a note on the upcoming second season of The Two Coreys, "I am excited to announce the return of The Two Coreys...Kind of?!!!? But for better or for worse The TTC second season is right around the corner. Rumor has it the season premier will be on June 11th on A&E Network. I have already started doing some press for it, and just today did an interview with OK magazine. The full throttle Billboard and commercial campaign will launch on Memorial Day at the end of this month. So be sure to put on your shoulder straps and lock yourself in because you are not going to want to miss this one. I have also recently learned that TTC has been sold to many other countries so a lot more people outside of the US will get a chance to see it finally."

In a finally note, Corey wants you to know that he is also hard at work on a new Truth Movement record, "It is moving along quite well and i am very excited about the new songs. I have written about seven new ones to this point and we begin recording next week. We are going to have a superstar lineup of musicians helping us out this time around. Although I can't divulge any names as of yet. I can tell you that We have secured a deal with the man who is responsible for creating the imagery that coincides with all of Pink Floyds works, Storm Thorgerson has been officially retained to create the new design look for TM. I assure you I have many related surprise announcements in the coming weeks. I am just finishing making some deals with various artists. Once I have those secured you will be the first to know. It is also starting to look like I will be heading out for a Midwest tour/westcoast tour in August. If I can have my album completed by then. The idea at this point would be to do several legs of the tour first being West, then East, and Canada, then eventually do a European, Australian, and Asian tour."

The Lost Boys: The Tribe will make its first appearance on store shelves this July.