Gary Dauberman wrote Annabelle: Creation and co-wrote the screenplay for IT, which has become the highest grossing horror movie in history. So, when it comes to discussing horror movie, Dauberman might know a thing or two about the genre and has come out to proclaim that 1987's The Lost Boys is the best movie to watch around Halloween. That's a pretty bold statement, but he makes several good points that will make you want to throw it up next in the watch list, especially if you haven't seen it in a while. Plus, it's the 30th anniversary, so might as well celebrate 30 years of The Lost Boys while you're at it.

Gary Dauberman is currently riding a huge wave of box office success with IT and he recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to recommend a spooky Halloween movie. Those thinking that he might plug his own movie, which is out in theaters right now, are dead wrong. Dauberman chose The Lost Boys and he didn't just blindly pick it out of thin air. He explains.

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"Oh, man, that's a tough one. I will tell you a movie I revisited last week that I hadn't seen in a while and I forgot how far ahead of its time it really was. And that's Lost Boys. If anybody hasn't watched that recently, it really was ahead of its time. And it's such a fun, scary movie. I forgot how influential it was on me at the time when it came out."

In addition, Dauberman chose The Lost Boys because of how much the movie successfully packs in. There's quite a bit of darkness that is juxtaposed against comedy, which is something that the big screen adaptation of IT also manages to pull off very well. The tone of Lost Boys could have had an unconscious influence over turning Steven King's 1,000-page book into a movie. Dauberman had this to say.

"And then you watch it, and you go, Oh my god, so much of the stuff I love is all packed into this movie. The scares are scary, and when the humor is there it's funny, but it provides this lightness to contrast against all that darkness. It makes the scares pop all the more. It could be made today with the same script and it would still fit in. But look at the cast! The cast is so f%[email protected] cool, and they all were game for it."

Vampires are generally taken for granted these days as a result of the Twilight movies and the Vampire Diaries television show, but back in 1987, The Lost Boys was not only scary: it was cool, dark, and funny. It was originally conceptualized as a Goonies-type of children's story, based off of Peter Pan. When writer, Jeffrey Boam came to the project, he got rid of the G-rated hallmarks and replaced it with the iconic horror movie that it is today. The movie still holds up today and according to Gary Dauberman.

IT is still in theaters breaking records and ramping up to earn some more box office cash as Halloween approaches and The Lost Boys is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, though not much is going on in the way of celebrating except for a planned Lost Boys musical that is in the works as a prequel to the original movie. We'll just have to do the celebrating for them. You can check out the whole interview with It screenwriter Gary Dauberman courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and then check out the trailer for The Lost Boys, which features Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Haim, and Corey Feldman, below.