To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Lost Boys, Grammy winner G Tom Mac, the singer and songwriter of the movie's theme song "Cry Little Sister," is developing a musical prequel to the hit 80s movie. Ahead of the debut of the musical titled The Lost Boys Story, G Tom Mac is releasing the soundtrack this October, which will give fans some insight as to where he plans to take this new story. To support the soundtrack of the musical, Mac will be touring internationally to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Lost Boys.

The musical will tell the tale of The Lost Boys and it will provide a backstory for the characters and how they became vampires as well as their "rebellious and youthful uniqueness." In addition, the musician plans to keep the sense of humor of the original movie intact. While speaking to Broadway World, G Tom Mac spoke about his reasoning behind his decision to do The Lost Boys musical. He explains.

"That's something I've been working on for some years in development. I wanted to give a back story to the characters and tell where they came from, and how they became Vampires, & their rebellious nature and youthful uniqueness, yet keeping in line with the humor that worked so well with the horror in the film. I've written all new songs that bring out a good deal of depth in the plays story, songs like 'Sleep All Day Party All Night,' 'Be One of Us,' 'Long Hot Summer' (Michael & Stars theme), and the ever -fun 'Death by Stereo'. The soundtrack will release late August to give the fans a good way to get the music in them in anticipation of the upcoming play."

Though, Mac said that the soundtrack would be available in August, it is actually not due out until October and as of late July, Mac estimated that he was only 80% finished with it. Fans looking forward to learning the back story of David and his vampire gang are sure to want to check out Mac's upcoming musical. A few direct-to-DVD sequels and short comic series were made, but none of them touched on the origins of The Lost Boys, so this musical could possibly be something worth checking out. But it could be a while before production begins.

Mac has already started bringing the songs out on tour as well as playing the old classics for the 30th anniversary of The Lost Boys. Though the soundtrack for the musical is reportedly coming along well, there is still no concrete release date. Mac went on to talk about some details regarding the soundtrack and what we can expect to hear. He had this to say.

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"We're 80 percent there, we are adding very short story voice over dialog by select actors and actresses that interweave between the songs, so to give a sense of the plays premise."

While world renowned for his involvement in The Lost Boys, G Tom Mac has also written for music legends such as Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin and Roger Daltrey from the Who, and was sampled by Ice Cube and Eminem. Mac even won a Grammy for Eminem's use of a sample of "Cry Little Sister." Further, Mac has also been involved in plenty of television work, most currently, the CW's hit show Arrow. There are no official release dates set for The Lost Boys musical, but previews from the soundtrack are expected to be released soon. This is not related to The CW Lost Boys anthology series, which tracks different vampire tribes throughout different periods of history leading up to the 1987 timeline of the movie.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick