Over the weekend, two awesome reunions happened, and the photos have been posted online. On one side of the country, those in attendance at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on Saturday were treated to a special reunion for the 25th anniversary screening of the Ben Stiller movie Reality Bites, which even featured a surprise appearance from Lisa Loeb performing a song from the movie's soundtrack. Meanwhile, three lead stars from the 1987 vampire movie The Lost Boys were all on hand to meet fans at Fan Expo Dallas 2019, and managed to have a photo snapped of the three all together. Fortunately for us, photos from both reunions have been posted online.

After the Reality Bites screening, Loeb appeared on stage to perform her song "Stay" live for the crowd. Following the performance, director and star Ben Stiller also came on the stage, bringing along fellow performers Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, and Janeane Garofalo. Screenwriter Helen Childress and producers Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher were also present for the panel. After praising the cast, Stiller said that the 25th anniversary panel was one of his favorite moments of his Reality Bites experience. "It's emotional for me, to hear the movie with an audience, to hear your reactions, to feel it together and to still be here 25 years later," Stiller told the crowd.

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Three of the lead stars of The Lost Boys were on hand as well, with Corey Feldman posting a photo of the reunion on his Instagram account. In attendance along with Feldman were Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland. Patric starred in the movie as lead character Michael Emerson, whose brother Sam was played by the late Corey Haim. Sutherland was the primary antagonist of the movie as the vampire David, and the character is still one of the most memorable movie vampires of all time. Of course, Feldman also starred in the movie as one half of the Frog Brothers, vampire hunter Edgar Frog. Seeing the three together in a new photo is certainly an awesome sight for fans of the movie.

In his Instagram post, Feldman explains that the three weren't able to offer public photo ops for fans in attendance, possibly due to being added to the event at the last minute. Still, they found a quick minute to say hello and pose in a photo for the fans to see, commenting that it's "just like old times!" Feldman also takes the opportunity to remember Corey Haim with an RIP hashtag, which is appropriate as his presence in the photo is certainly missed. In addition to The Lost Boys, Feldman and Haim had worked together on a plethora of movies and were commonly referred to as "the two Coreys." Sadly, Haim passed away in 2010 due to pneumonia.

With more and more celebrities doing fan convention appearances these days, we're starting to see more awesome reunion photos like the ones for The Lost Boys and Reality Bites. It's always fun to see for the nostalgia factor, even if it does remind us that we're all getting older. Details on the Reality Bites reunion come to us from Page Six, and the Lost Boys reunion was posted by Corey Feldman on Instagram. You can take a look at the photos below.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick