The cast and crew of the TV drama Lost, gathered in Oahu, Hawaii (a 20-minute drive from where much of the TV series is filmed) for a press conference for the release of the DVD set, Lost - The Complete Second Season.

The Associated Press wrote a story about the event, revealing what the crew of the television series had to say about the upcoming third season:

"The hatch has definitely had its moment," confirmed executive producer Bryan Burk, referring to the mysterious underground bunker that was the set for much of the series' second-season drama. "Lets just say it was one big explosion."

As for the story: If the first season was all about the original plane-crash survivors adjusting to their new lives on a deserted island, and the second season was all about the so-called "tailies" (those who were in the tail of the plane, whom the originals had thought were dead), "this year," castmember Evangeline Lilly said, "we've opened this up to another whole other people, a whole other location, a whole other facet through which we can tell stories."

Michael Emerson, who plays the leader of "The Others" group, noted, "What I know is that we get to go live with The Others, where they learn a little more about their life and, hopefully, their mission, their agenda, whatever that might be. Maybe we'll get to warm up to them."

Producer Burk promised that many of the second season's looming questions would be answered in the first six episodes.

Writer and executive producer Carlton Cuse said the new season will include more action and adventure, and that new characters could well serve as love interests. And, he added, Sawyer (Holloway) and Jack (Matthew Fox) will definitely be competing for the romantic affections of Kate (Lilly).

"There'll be a lot of love. There'll be a lot of comedy," Burk said. "But we can never forget that these people are in a very dark place."

Lost fans can expect some big changes when new episodes return to ABC Oct. 4.

The producers said six all-new Lost episodes will air in consecutive weeks this fall; the season's remaining 17 new episodes will be scheduled without interruption from midwinter to late spring.