TV Guide was recently in Hawaii to visit with the cast of Lost, which returns with its fifth season on Thursday, January 21 at 10 PM ET on ABC. Below are some of the spoilers that the cast revealed to the magazine, and a list of 10 episodes that executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff think you should watch before tuning into this fifth season premiere.

Yunjin Kim (Sun): "We don't all succeed in getting back to the island"

Michael Emerson (Ben): On Season 5, "We've crested the hump and are rolling...towards some sort of ending"

On the time travel "you could let it make you go crazy"

Josh Holloway (Sawyer): "I have no idea where I'm at or what I'm doing"

Executive producer Carlton Cuse: "Some characters change something in the past, which is a huge turn in the story line.....there is interconnectedness - some of it by blood."


- By February one character (besides Locke) will be dead

- Sawyer may have a new love interest with one of the island's earlier residents

- The future-seeing old lady encountered by Desmond is 'more important than you ever dreamed' (Cuse)

Evangeline Lilly: The former flight attendant with 'startling intelligence' (The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow), talks to TV Guide Magazine's Shawna Malcom.

On her attitude to fame: "I deny that I am Evangeline's terrible to admit but I don't care....I wasn't ready for any of this."

On herself: "I'm goofy and weird and a bit loud."

On the tabloids: "To this day I'm engaged every can't give an inch because they'll take a mile. I don't have any investment in needing to be the next megastar."

On doing her own hair and makeup: "I decided I'm just gonna be me and if people don't like that, OK."

On when Kate first sees Sawyer: "There's almost a feeling of seeing a ghost. I really believe she thought he was dead."

The Top 10 Essential Episodes:

Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carolton Cuse exclusively reveal the Top 10 episodes Lost fans might want to review before Season 5's January 21 premiere.

Season One:

1.0 Walkabout

Episode Clue: Locke was in a wheelchair before his arrival on the Island

Season 5 Preview: Jack and Ben try to bring to bring Locke's corpse back to the Island. Can he be resurrected?

2.0 White Rabbit

Episode Clue: Jack's dead father Christian appears very much alive on the island

Season 5 Preview: Christian returns and the mystery of his white tennis shoes will be answered.

3.0 Deus Ex Machina

Episode Clue: Locke pleads to the island "I've done everything you wanted me to do," and a light comes on in the Swan hatch.

Season 5 Preview: "We will learn the whole nature of why the Swan hatch exists." Lindelof

Season Two:

4.0 The 23rd Psalm

Episode Clue: When Mr Eko stared at the smoke monster you "learned the monster was able to pull memories from a character's life," reminds Cuse.

Season 5 Preview: A greater understanding of the monster will come this season.

5.0 Live Together, Die Alone

Episode Clue: Sayid, Sun and Jin pass the ruins of a giant four-toed statue.

Season 5 Preview: The statue will reappear.

Season Three:

6.0 Flashes Before Your Eyes

Episode Clue: Desmond meets Fionnula Flanagan who could presumably foresee the future.

Season 5 Preview: We will see the mysterious woman again.

7.0 The Man Behind the Curtain

Episode Clue: Ben's back story was begun.

Season 5 Preview: A "nice juicy chunk" of Ben's back story will be revealed confirms Cuse.

Season Four:

8.0 The Constant

Episode Clue: Desmond is shown time-jumping between 1996 and 2004.

Season 5 Preview: The consequences of incorrectly entering/exiting the island will play a crucial role as the Oceanic 6 attempt their return.

9.0 The Shape of Things to Come

Episode Clue: Ben tells Charles Whidmore he will kill his daughter Penny. Ben responds "We both know I can't kill you."

Season 5 Preview: The power struggle between these men deepens and will be explored further this year.

10.0 There's No Place Like Home

Episode Clue: Ben addresses Jacob before he turns the stone wheel and moves the island. Everything in this episode is relevant.

Season 5 Preview: We'll see Locke's death midway through the Season as his faith in the island will continue to be tested.

Lost will premiere its fifth season on Thursday, January 21 at 10 PM ET on ABC.