Lost executive producer and co-creator Damon Lindelof spoke to SCI FI Wire about the upcoming fourth season and revealed some spoilers:

WARNING .. DO NOT READ if you do not want to know what happens in the upcoming episodes!

Among the spoilers Lindelof revealed: "Michael [Harold Perrineau] is coming back. Definitely. As for Walt [Michael's young son, played by Malcolm David Kelley], we've always known Malcolm was going to grow faster than we could shoot the show. And we planned for it. Trust us. Please trust us."

The show's producers have already figured out what they will do with the mysterious character of Jacob, who was introduced at the end of season three. Picking his words carefully, executive producer Carlton Cuse said, "Yes, we do know how Jacob will be depicted. Notice the careful wording of my answer. And no, Jacob did not appear before he was met by Locke." Cuse also declined to say whether an actor had been chosen to portray the character.

Flashbacks will continue to explain the backgrounds of some of the characters, but there will also be glimpses into the future, the producers said. (In the season finale, viewers saw what appeared to be a flash-forward to Jack [Matthew Fox] and Kate [Evangeline Lilly] after they had been rescued from the island.)

The producers inform SCI FI Wire that it is inevitable that the time-bending story of Lost will continue to use looks both backward and forward.

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