Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse in an interview with Sci Fi Wire gave some insight on season three. He revealed that the series will focus more on romance and on the mysterious Others.

Cuse says "The Others are an important part of season three, and there's a lot of mysteries and a lot of questions about the Others that the audience is going to be curious about going into season three ... There will definitely be some new characters on the show next year. ... Obviously, Michael Emerson, who plays Henry Gale, he's someone who's going to be very prominent in the show next year".

Executive producer Bryan Burk added "I'm excited about love in season three ... Don't forget now the people have been on the island for 60-plus days. They're now obviously more familiar with each other. ... The concept of love [is there], and ... it weaves its way through all of our characters. It's going to be much more prevalent in season three".