A lost piece of comic book history is being released. DC Comics has uncovered a lost Superman story from original creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The 12-page comic is set to be published in honor of the character's 80th anniversary this year in the upcoming Action Comics #1000. So, not only is the Man of Steel getting his red underwear back, we're getting an original Superman story from the men who brought the hero to life.

Brian Michael Bendis is making his debut under his new deal with DC Comics writing the new story for Action Comics #1000. That's exciting enough. But the hardcover edition of the book will include this brand new story and that is truly worth the price for any hardcore DC or Superman fan. As it turns out, DC Comics legend Marv Wolfman is actually the man who had these pages all of these years. Here's what former DC Publisher Paul Levitz had to say about it.

"The found Siegel and Shuster story is a true treasure with a fascinating backstory. Back when DC did regular tours of the New York office, it was common for fans to get original art that would have been otherwise disposed of as a tour souvenir. As a young fan on a tour Marv Wolfman found this Superman story and kept it all these years. It's incredible to think that Marv not only rescued this unpublished story, he then went on to become one of DC's most prolific writers, and shared the story with DC to publish as part of this special new collection. It's an honor to edit this collection of stories and essays that chronicle key moments and contributors to Superman's epic 80 year run as one of the most iconic characters in all of pop culture. I'm particularly happy that Laura Siegel Larson's tribute to her father and his legacy are part of the book."

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster are quite arguably the most important figures in the history of superheroes. And though they are recognized as DC legends today, they do have something of a complex relationship with the publisher. They created Superman, a character that has generated untold millions over the years. However, they sold the rights to Detective Comics Inc., the precursor to DC Comics, and found themselves nearly penniless later on in life and not getting the credit they deserved for Superman. They've since garnered credit, but legal issues have persisted over the years, long after the legends passed away.

In any case, this sounds like an excellent tribute to the duo that created Superman. The book is also going to feature, in addition to the 12-page Siegel and Shuster story titled Too Many Heroes, tributes from Superman writers, stories from the last eight decades and more. Action Comics #1000: 80 Years of Superman is set to arrive on April 19. You can check out a page from the Superman story Too Many Heroes, courtesy of Comic Book Resources, for yourself below.

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