The Good

This is the best most original show on television, and now fans can add this set to their collection.

The Bad

The special features are great and in depth, but some of the stuff is just so-so.

I have been a religious viewer of LOST ever since the pilot episode hooked me in. The show is the most intelligent and emotionally captivating show to ever grace television. No other drama has the same emotional weight as LOST. Season 1 was absolutely amazing and each episode was crafted so carefully and so beautifully.

Season 2 was less about the characters and more about the situation they are in on the island, the central plot. We learn that on the island there is a research facility of some kind called the Dharma Initiative that is run by The Hanso Foundation. We discover that the so called "Others" are the passengers of the tail-end of the plane. We also learn that there is so much more to the island than we think we know. We know there are several other stations like The Swan, and as we think that the survivors are nothing but a research experiment. We learn even further that the researchers are part of the experiment. Inside the hatch, a clock countdowns from 108 minutes, and every 108 minutes the code has to be input into the computer. The code is 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, and they are all numbers that play a significance in the plot. One thing to notice is that all the numbers add up to 108, but that is only one of the many puzzle pieces that the show offers the audience to put together.

Another aspect of the show are the social themes that are presented within the storylines. The first episode is called "Man of Science, Man of Faith" and basically is a good sum up of the juxtaposing viewpoints. We have Jack, the doctor, a man who believes that everything has an explanation and that nothing is left up to coincidence and fate. Locke believes that he is here on the island as part of his destiny, a man who was paralyzed from the waist down now can walk. He thinks the island has supernatural powers and is guiding the survivors to a certain destiny, he also believes everything happens for a reason. Mr. Eko, who is new this season, is a man of religion, a man who believes that divine intervention is guiding them on the island. The storylines support all these viewpoints so it never leans toward one opinion versus another. We also have the continuing theme of existentialism as these survivors start with their new lives and new futures, and forget about their past. The crash can be seen as a rebirth for the survivors and now each of them are finding their path on this mysterious island. We also see a social commentary within the interaction of the group. Tensions build and the group starts to fall apart from within and certain people start going behind other people's backs.

The reason why LOST is so amazing is that it holds so many cinematic qualities. The directing, the acting, the editing, the cinematography, and the music is all excellent. Michael Giacchino's score for the show is absolutely stunning and amazing, the best score for a television series ever. Each episode feels like a short film in its own, and even though each episode has a culmination at the end, it always leaves a breathtaking cliffhanger that makes your heart pace as the signature wailing trumpets come and we cut to black. LOST has characters that we all can relate to, and the emotion is incredibly real, which is why LOST is such a big success.

Many people criticized the show for having a second season slump. While there were two or three episodes that felt like they ran around in circles, it was in no way a slump. There was lots of controversy about this year's Emmy nominations when LOST basically got shut out. Last year they took home both the Emmy and the Golden Globe for best television drama. This season did present new questions, but many were answered as well. The show was just as strong as its first season, and it gave us plenty of progression. We learned more about the characters and their pasts, we learned a lot about The Dharma Initiative and what it truly is, we learned that there are "others" on this island but we don't know their motives, and we learn that there is a supernatural presence as well in the "black smoke" a.k.a. the security system. LOST season 2 is a great continuation on an amazing series.


LOST fans know that the previous set had amazing special features. Season 2 continues that with a smorgasbord of special features. The features this time around are a little less about the making of the show and more about the plot of the show and the connections you can make with the clues. There are individual featurettes for most of the episodes and lots of great interviews with the writers and directors. Lots of easter eggs are revealed by the creaters that were inserted into the show. Don't get me wrong, there is a great deal of "behind the scenes" too. We also have 4 select commentaries on 4 great episodes.


As I said earlier, LOST is very cinematic in its structure and in its overall nature. So, the technical aspects are as good as any film on DVD and are on par with last season's release. All 24 episodes are presented in glorious 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen. Picture quality is stunning with amazingly sharp picture. The 24 episodes are spread over 6 discs with the seventh disc reserved for bonus features. The bright colors of the island are sharply presented and the black levels are handled perfectly during the night scenes. The transfer is really good for a TV show.


The sound mix is an immersive Dolby Digital 5.1 track as well as a 2.0 track (but who needs that?). The show comes alive in 5.1 and sound plays a big role in the show. The surround speakers are utilized and the mix is overall excellent.


The set comes in the same style packaging as the previous set. A fold out digipak that has 2 discs to each panel in overlaping fashion.

Final Word

LOST is the best show on television, that's all there is to it. It's an amazingly real human drama, an incredible adventure show, and it has plenty of mysteries that need to be uncovered. It's a television experience that is one of a kind and is not to be missed. LOST fanatics will study these episodes in hope of catching new clues they missed the first time around, and it's always good to review before the new season. Newcomers have little time to catch up, but if they cram there is certainly a possibility that they can catch up.

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