Lost: The Complete Sixth SeasonDespite the high price tag, a highly-anticipated TV DVD set topped all other new releases last week with Lost: The Complete Sixth Season debuting as the top-selling DVD and Blu-ray release, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Only one feature film made a mark on the home video charts this week, with The Back-up Plan taking the second spot on the DVD sales charts, for the week ending August 29. The Jennifer Lopez comedy sold just 75% of the units that Lost: The Complete Sixth Season, even though it had a significantly lower price tag. It was said that Lost: The Complete Sixth Season cost about three times as more as a standard DVD title. Two more TV DVD sets fared well on the charts as well, with NCIS: The Seventh Season taking fourth place on the DVD sales charts and The Simpsons: The Thirteenth Season finishing in seventh place in DVD sales.

Lost: The Complete Sixth Season also topped the Blu-ray sales charts and, even though it cost a whopping $279.99 SRP, Lost: The Complete Series 36-disc Blu-ray set took second place on the Blu-ray sales charts. It was said that 20% of both these Lost sets were sold in the BD format.

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