Hello all. We've got some great things for you. So quit messing around and dive in!

First off, we had a great time at Spiderman last Thursday. I know everyone out there on the web from IGN's Filmforce to Ain't It Cool News has a "Set Report" with exclusive first hand crap about Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, & Toby MacGuire, BUT ours will be better! I promise! That report will surface in the next day or so, or as soon as Brock gets off his lazy, pleather covered ass to come over and finish it with me. The Spiderman Hype website is gonna have some competition this time cause Lights Out hype is a lot more exciting. Want proof? Look how excited we got you to see Brock naked in a bathtub with cranberry sauce.Hell yeah...

Lights Out Talk! was added to the site today! You'll see us hanging out in there from time to time but stay tuned to the news section for upcoming interviews with the stars from your favorite Lights Out productions! Talk to your friends. Bad mouth your enemies. Use the chat room. Abuse the chat room. That's what it's there for. Click this to enter.

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