Lou Ferrigno was the first actor to play the role of the Hulk, and for many, the portrayal of the Hulk that was created by him and Bill Bixby on the The Incredible Hulk television series remains the definitive vision of the character. Fresh off filming his cameo role for The Incredible Hulk, Ferrigno told MTV News that he is completely pleased with the new film.

"I was in the movie. I just finished filming," Ferrigno said, smiling. "It's a spectacular movie. Very impressive." Ferrigno went on to praise Edward Norton's performance was similar to that of Bill Bixby, who played Banner in the 1977 television series. "[Ed actually] reminds me a lot of Bill Bixby. He has a similar physique, similar personality. Ed is a very fine actor and it adds tremendous credibility for him to be involved with the movie."

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The former Mr. Universe went on to give Norton and the production his highest seal of approval, stating that the work they were doing on the film will "be like the TV series."