javascript:;|Mushy's Movie Minute: Have you been following Lights Out very own original show, Mushy's Movie Minute, since the beginning? If you have, you know that we've been doing the show for over 120 weeks now! Come rain or snow, Mushy has been there for you, serving up the latest reviews on the most current films, in one minute or less.

This week, Mushy has a treat for everyone. Famed actor Louis Lombardi joins javascript:;|MMM this week to talk about some current releases with Mushy, along with telling you about his upcoming projects like Wonderland starring Val Kilmer!

Lombardi has starred in such films and TV shows as Confidence, The Hot Chick, The Animal, Deuces Wild, Suicide Kings, The Usual Suspects, The Sopranos, and a ton more!

Ladies and gentlemen, Lights Out is proud to present a very special javascript:;|Mushy's Movie Minute starring Louie Lombardi!

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