javascript:;|Mushy's Movie Minute: Hey people. I just want you to know that our friend Louis Lombardi, who's starred in such films and TV shows Confidence, The Hot Chick, The Animal, Deuces Wild, Suicide Kings, The Usual Suspects, Wonderland, and The Sopranos has once again popped into the land of javascript:;|Mushy's Movie Minute to tell about his latest screenings and upcoming projects!

This week Louie talks about his latest roles in TV's CSI, Wonderland, and Confidence! He also give you his take on School Of Rock! He's been on the show so much I think it may be time to give the guy his own show here at the site! What do you think?

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And don't forget to e-mail Louie to tell him how much you love him on javascript:;|MMM! Don't worry! He will respond, unlike those other Hollywood snobs!

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