Louie star/creator Louis C.K., who most recently co-starred in American Hustle, was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, where he revealed that his lost directorial debut, a 1998 black-and-white comedy entitled Tomorrow Night, will finally be distributed on his official website.

The film, which features early performances from comedians such as Steve Carell, Conan O'Brien, Wanda Sykes, J.B. Smoove and Amy Poehler in her first movie role, debuted at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival, although it was never picked up for distribution.

Starting next month, fans can purchase the film for just $5, only on the comedian's website. We have Louis C.K.'s interview segment from last night, which includes a clip from the comedy, with Louis C.K. explaining how he was able to finish the movie with the help of several celebrity friends.

"I sell everything on my website. I make specials and sell tickets, and its five bucks and you get to keep it, you don't get emailed or bothered or anything. I have a movie that I made back in '98, which is 15 years ago now, it's the first movie that I made. It's called 'Tomorrow Night' and it went to Sundance and all this stuff, and Steve Carell is in it, Conan O'Brien is in it for one minute, J.B. Smoove, Wanda Sykes. It's got a great cast, but it never got released, ever. It was a black and white movie, and when I made it, I wasn't anybody. It was shrewd. It was the last black and white movie ever made. I had about $20,000, so I just started making it, and then I ran out of money and I had some showbiz friends, so Jon Stewart lent me $10,000. I owe all these people money now, if the movie makes money. Denis Leary gave me money, Brett Butler, Spike Feresten, Chris Rock, all these people gave me $10,000 each. Now it's coming out. I'm putting it out for $5 on my web site. It's a big, funny movie. And you can see it starting in February on my website."

Louis C.K.'s only other feature directorial credit is the 2001 comedy Pootie Tang, although he has directed every episode of Louie and several comedy specials such as Louis C.K.: Hilarious, Louis C.K.: Chewed Up, Louis C.K.: Shameless and last year's Louis C.K.: Oh My God, many of which are available for just $5 each on his website.