Today was supposed to mark the premiere for the new and controversial Louis C.K. movie I Love You Daddy, but according to the Hollywood Reporter, the premiere has been abruptly canceled, hours beforehand, due to a New York Times article about C.K.'s alleged sexual misconduct that has just been released. The premiere was canceled ahead of the release of the article as it was expected to be quite the bombshell, which explains the cancelation of the movie premiere on such short notice. 5 women have come forward to accuse Louis C.K. of masturbating in front of them.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the New York city premiere of comedian Louis C.K.'s upcoming movie, I Love You, Daddy is no more. The event was to be held at the Paris Theatre, but the venue is preparing for a change of plans. Premiere representatives said that the cancelation was due to, "unexpected circumstances." A source close to the situation says that the New York Times story on the comedian is the real reason, and the premiere was canceled in preparation for the damaging story. His planned Friday appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was also canceled, with William H. Macy taking his place on the show.

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Sexual harassment allegations have been publicly swirling around Louis C.K. for years now after Gawker ran a story about the comedian's actions. Roseanne Barr was one of the first people to publicly call out C.K. for his alleged behavior and many claim that a lot of people in the comedy world know about the comedian's actions. Louis C.K. has not talked about the allegations and instead calls them "rumors" and doesn't want to talk about them because it would make them "real."

Now, after years of unsubstantiated rumors about C.K. masturbating in front of associates, women are coming forward to describe what they experienced. Even amid the current burst of sexual misconduct accusations against powerful men, the stories about Louis C.K. stand out because he has so few equals in comedy. The allegations go as far back as 2002 and they all include C.K. exposing himself and masturbating even when the women asked him to stop.

Louis C.K. wrote, directed, and stars in I Love You, Daddy. The comedy-drama tells the story of a successful TV writer-producer that attempts to stop his 17-year-old daughter's (Chloe Grace Moretz) growing admiration and relationship with a 68-year-old filmmaker (John Malkovich). Many have noted that the movie shows a lot of similarities to Woody Allen with some even claiming that it's an apology for Woody Allen, who C.K. has worked with in the past. It's looking like the New York Times article will have some long-lasting ramifications for I Love You Daddy as well as Louis C.K.'s career.

Louis C.K. is the latest name to be dropped into the world of sexual misconduct allegations. Steven Seagal, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Sheen, Jeremy Piven, and more have recently had allegations thrown their way, which was in part because of the massive Harvey Weinstein accusations. Kevin Spacey was recently removed from House of Cards and another project due to his allegations, which is a telltale sign that Hollywood is taking measures to make sure the sexual misconduct comes to a stop. You can read more about Louis C.K.'s allegations via The New York Times.