Louis C.K. believes that the world needs to laugh right now. That's why he just surprise dropped a new comedy special on his website, which is his first since 2017. The controversial comedian has been quietly going out and doing small gigs over the years in an effort to put himself back out there. Much of the world had written C.K. off when sexual misconduct allegations came to light, which he admitted to do and apologized for.

The new special is titled Sincerely C.K. and it's streaming on his website. It's also available for purchase on the site for $7.99. The price also includes a year of access to the site. Louis C.K. released a pretty lengthy newsletter to announce the surprise special and says it's intended, "for those who need to laugh" He begins the long letter by revealing that, in his opinion, there are "two kinds of people in this world." With the world going through so much, C.K. believes that laughter will be the thing to pull us together.

As for the second kind of person, Louis C.K. believes these people, " give serious and painful things the respect and the silence due to them." The comedian goes on to state he does not feel either one of these people has the correct answer, but he falls into category one, so he wants the world to laugh with him during this tumultuous time. C.K. brings up good points, but he does not address the elephant in the room. Perhaps he believes that nearly 3 years of exile is enough to come back and bring laughs to people. From the looks of social media, people are pretty outraged by the news.

Will people be interested in seeing Louis C.K. return to the mainstream? That is unclear, but some of his small shows have been pretty controversial. In late 2018 audio surfaced of the comedian mocking the survivors of the Parkland school shooting and young people who identify as non-binary. This routine is far different from the C.K. who said he was going take a long step back and think about his actions from the previous year. Fellow comedians started piling on C.K. for his act, which many called "hacky and unfunny." C.K. can be heard saying, "What are you - going to take away my birthday? My life is over. I don't give a s-.'"

For now, we'll just have to sit back and watch Louis C.K.'s new surprise set online to see how the 2020 version of the comedian is doing. It's been a while since he fell from grace and now is the time for some laughter, but is C.K. the one to deliver it? Now that the special is up, it will only be a matter of time before people start talking about it and the jokes that are used. Whatever the case may be, Louis C.K. thinks now is the appropriate time to come back and deliver the laughs. You can head over to The official Louis C.K. website to check out the special. And then look below to see some of the outrage tweets.