Louis C.K. delivered a short stand-up set that addressed his sexual misconduct allegations on stage for the first time. After two sets at the Comedy Cellar in New York City where he didn't discuss the allegations, C.K. delivered a well-received set that touched on his personal life over the last year. The comedian's return to the stage has been highly controversial, and he has taken some heat for doing so, though he seems unphased as he tries to move forward, admitting that what he did was wrong.

Comic AMarie Castillo, who hosts nights at the West Side Comedy Club, wasn't aware that Louis C.K. was going to perform a short stand-up set until the comedian was on his way to the venue. She says that C.K. was honest and open during his set and notes that the crowd was very enthusiastic about his surprise appearance. Castillo also noted that nobody left the club when he took the stage. She had this to say about C.K.'s latest comedy set.

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"He didn't specifically address what he did, but he did seem to admit to doing wrong and it was clear that he's just trying to figure out his life. He talked about his life over the past year and acknowledged how it's been tough for him. And he spoke about how weird it's been. He talked about how everything, what happened to him in public, has affected his family. He spoke about losing lots of money because of everything."

Louis C.K. claimed in his brief set that his actions cost him $35 million in one hour. When C.K.'s sexual misconduct allegations came to light for a second time, it was right when his film, I Love You Daddy, was about to premiere. The premiere was swiftly cancelled and the movie was put on the shelf. While he didn't mention specifics, AMarie Castillo says, "Louis was very sincere and genuine about it all."

Louis C.K. was accused by five women of masturbating in front of them back in November of last year. However, there were previous reports about the comedian's behavior over the years, but it took the #MeToo and Time's Up movements for the allegations to take hold in the public. C.K. later admitted to the allegations, which resulted in a huge backlash. There's some people who believe that C.K. deserves a chance at redemption, while others are angry that he has been painting himself as the victim in the situation.

AMarie Castillo believes that Louis C.K. deserves another shot, but thinks that he should pair with female comedians to raise money for women's organizations. C.K. is slowly starting to try out new material in his secret sporadic performances, so it seems inevitable that he'll be back at some point down the line. It will be interesting to see how the deeply personal comedian injects his recent allegations into his comedy routine. The interview with AMarie Castillo was first conducted by The Hollywood Reporter.