Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are moving forward with a sequel to Clash of the Titans, however Louis Leterrier will not be returning as director.

Sam Worthington and every character who survived will return for the sequel.

Greg Berlanti will write the story and Warner Bros. is looking for a director to get the project rolling to release as early as spring 2012. Leterrier will executive produce.

Also, New Line and Walden Media are putting together the sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth, but apparently Brendan Fraser is unsure about moving forward without director Eric Brevig who is busy filming Yogi Bear. The studio wants to make a fall, 2011 release date which would mean hiring another director to replace Brevig. New Line has suggested Brad Peyton, who would re-fashion the film around Josh Hutcherson, who played Fraser's character's son in the original film. Such a move would save an eight-figure star salary, but it is a major risk to go without a star to return to a film that grossed $242 million worldwide.