After screening and winning the Audience Award at the Staten Island Film Festival, the Audience Choice Award at the Westchester Film Festival and winning Best Feature Film at last weekend's Kent Festival (among others), actor/writer/director Louis Lombardi (24, the upcoming Frank Miller opus Will Eisner's The Spirit) is seeing the stock for his indy effort Dough Boys soar. Made in Lombardi's hometown of the Bronx, the film has proved to be a hit with audiences wherever it screens.

Up next Dough Boys is set to conquer the The Phoenix Film Festival on April 3-10 and the 2008 Palm Beach International Film Festival which runs from April 10-17 in Florida.


Dough Boys is a slice of life comedy that serves up the story of Lou and Frank, two Bronx brothers running the family bakery. Faced with Lou's gambling problem the shop is about to be taken from them by the neighborhood gangster, in which his brother has no idea. The fate of this local landmark hangs like a "pie in the sky". Will it be a sweet dream, or a nightmare?

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