An ominous knock on the door at 6 am. A man dressed in black running away from the house. An envelope stuff with international intrigue. That is what I woke up to this morning. Hanging from the mail loop outside was a time stamped letter from the desk of Louis Salinger, Chief Inspector, S07. And he has made it vary clear that The International must be stopped!

Inside the package that the Inspector sent was a picture of an old man with the caption "Not what he seems". There was also an international map clearly marking Evidence Drop locations in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, and London. A hand written not explains, "An informant has hidden vital evidence around the world." Attached to this note were three 2-dollar bills with important serial numbers, one from the United States, one from Canada, and one from the Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong. A thumb drive containing an important audio and visual message was stapled to a letter from Chief Inspector Louis Salinger himself. It reads:

What you hold in your hand is blood money. Go to Stop The International and enter the serial number of the bill enclosed - or any bill you are holding. You'll be shocked at the tales of greed, murder, and cover-up that each bill tells.

The money is closely linked to the International Bank of Business and Credit...the IBBC. They are a ruthless, worldwide enterprise operating under the guise of a private bank.

An informant employed by the Global Eyes Development Fund has recently come forward with information that this charity is secretly owned by the IBBC. When brought to the attention of Global Eyes board member Wilhelm Wexler, my informant grew suspicious that he was being watched and decided to hide his evidence in Berlin.

My operatives working in German discovered this evidence and transmitted it to me at Scotland Yard. I have included it here so you can better understand the veil of secrecy surrounding this terrible menace.

I am now recruiting additional operatives the world over to help build my case. From Berlin, to Los Angeles, to New York, to London, and beyond, people are waking up to the fact that the IBBC is seeking nothing less than global domination.

Louis Salinger

Chief Inspector, Scotland Yard

Division S07

Serial Numbers: F01777057, BG042522, BUV3548654