Exactly two weeks from today, fans will finally get to revisit all of their favorite characters from the 2003 romance classic Love Actually with the short film Red Nose Day Actually, which will be part of NBC's epic Red Nose Day Special on Thursday, May 25. Following a new Love Actually 2 poster released earlier today, NBC has also debuted a trailer that features new footage from this short film, revealing what these characters have been up to for the past 14 years. While we have to wait two more weeks for the full short, this trailer will certainly whet your appetite for this long-awaited follow-up.

This trailer debuted on the Red Nose Day Twitter, which features the first actual footage from the short. There was a Red Nose Day Actually teaser from March, which debuted just before this short debuted in the U.K. version of the Red Nose Day special, but that only featured the cast members holding up cue cards, re-enacting Mark's (Andrew Lincoln) iconic cue card scene at Juliet's (Keira Knightley) house. We saw in Love Actually 2 set photos released during production that there would be another cue card scene, and we get a brief glimpse of it here, with Mark asking Juliet if she likes his beard, although she's not a big fan.

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The trailer opens with a shot featuring young Sam (Thomas Brodie Sangster) telling his stepfather Daniel (Liam Neeson) that he's had a lot of his mind recently. While Daniel thinks he's having problems at work, Sam reveals that, "it's more of a love thing, actually," which doesn't exactly sit well with Daniel. We also get a glimpse of recording legend Billy Mack (Bill Nighy), who reveals in a radio interview that the best sex he has ever had was definitely with one of the Kardashians, but he isn't revealing which one.

In an interesting bit of corporate synergy, it is also revealed that Rowan Atkinson's character Rufus is now working at a Walgreens, where he's seen scooping jelly beans into a bag, as a long line grows behind this customer waiting for his jelly beans. As you may well know, fans can support Red Nose Day by purchasing their own red noses at Walgreens locations, along with Duane Reade stores, all across the country. Since launching in the United States back in 2015, Red Nose Day has raised more than $60 million for children living in poverty all over the world. Red Nose Day (rednoseday.org) is run by the non-profit organization Comic Relief Inc. Red Nose Day started in the U.K., built on the foundation that the power of entertainment can drive positive change. Red Nose Day has raised over $1 billion globally since the campaign's founding in 1988.

The new trailer ends with a new scenes featuring Jamie (Colin Firth) getting "complimented" on his turtleneck by his girlfriend (Sienna Guillory), and The Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) taking a tumble while performing some dance moves near the stairs. We also see bits of footage where Keira Knightley and Chiweel Ejiofor are actually wearing their own red noses. Since Walgreens is featured in this short, it's possible that the actual Red Nose Day itself will figure into the story somehow. We'll find out when Red Nose Day Actually airs during NBC's Red Nose Day special, hosted by Chris Hardwick airing Thursday, May 25. Until then, take a look at this new trailer below.