The documentary celebrating the life of Anton Yelchin will hit theaters this summer. Love, Antosha held an emotional premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January and it received praise from critics. Fans of the late actor have been wondering when they'll be able to see the movie, which was made by Yelchin's parents and filmmaker Garrett Price after getting the idea from actor Jon Voight. The actor, who worked with Yelchin on 2015's Court of Conscience, thought the documentary would be a good way to keep Yelchin's memory alive.

Love, Antosha will debut in New York and Los Angeles, starting in early August. From there, the documentary will spread throughout the rest of the country in September. Anton Yelchin's parents Viktor and Irina are self-distributing the project with the help of Michael Tuckman's mTuckman Media booking theaters. No specific dates have been announced at this time, but they will more than likely be announced shortly. Yelchin's parents had this to say about the documentary.

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"This film proves that passion, talent, and love are stronger than all adversities. It has a tremendous charge of positive energy."

Love, Antosha features Anton Yelchin's co-stars and collaborators, including Chris Pine, Jennifer Lawrence, Zachary Quinto, Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart, Zoe Saldana, Frank Langella, J.J. Abrams, and Willem Dafoe. The story is told through family and friend interviews, along with Yelchin's personal journal entries, original music, interviews with him, home footage, and his photography. Reviews have praised the documentary for being touching and surprising, showing a side of the late actor many people didn't even know existed. Anton Yelchin passed away in 2016 after a tragic freak accident.

Garret Price made his directorial debut with Love, Antosha and it was produced by Anton Yelchin's Like Crazy director Drake Doremus. Doremus was one of Yelchin's closest friends and was one of the first people Yelchin's parents wanted to direct the movie after asking J.J. Abrams for advice. However, Doremus didn't believe he was the right fit for the job, so he took on producing instead. Doremus and Price released a statement to announce the summer release, which you can read below.

"It was so important to us to make this film about our friend, Anton Yelchin. Anton embodied the true spirit of what it means to 'live life to the fullest' and his story is one of hope, courage, and most especially, the love of family and of cinema. We're grateful to share his story with audiences this summer."

Last month marked what would have been Anton Yelchin's 30th birthday, so the documentary will be a way to keep celebrating the young actor. In addition to the Love, Antosha release this summer, Yelchin's parents are releasing a book of his photography. In Case of Fire and it will be available at the LA Art Book Fair beginning this Thursday, April 11th. Variety was the first to announce the Anton Yelchin documentary release news.