The Good

Amanda Bynes shows that true love is still alive and well.

The Bad

This film is as predictable as it is illogical.

Originally slated for a for a theatrical release Lovewrecked is one of those teen movies starring Amanda Bynes who isn't as big as Hilary or Lindsey, but she also hasn't had as many flops or done as many stints in rehab. In this film she plays Jenny, a girl who is smitten by pop singer Jason Masters (Chris Carmack). Getting a job at Jason's favorite resort in the Caribbean with her best friend Ryan (Jonathan Bennett), Jenny also realizes that her arch nemesis Alexis (Jamie-Lynn DiScala) is there as well. During a storm, Jenny and Jason fall off a ship and end up stranded on a deserted island. Or so they think... Jenny soon realizes that they aren't that far away at all, but she isn't about to tell the man of her dreams that and risk having to share him with the rest of civilization again.

Not the most interesting movie premise or execution, Lovewrecked is the perfect film for young girls smitten by today's pop singers.


Deleted Scenes

With three deleted scenes on here I was surprised that the quality was somewhat shoddy. Two of the scenes deal with the Alexis character and one is simply titled "Jason Attacked By A 12 Year Old Girl." While I certainly didn't mind seeing Alexis try and seduce Ryan, I was bothered by how muddy these scenes looked. It was like when the characters moved they left impressions. This was more odd than anything else and it seemed like a post production effect that had been applied, and then they forgot to take it out when this DVD was put together.


Widescreen Version. Presented in a "Matted" widescreen format preserving the aspect ratio of it's original exhibition. Enhanced for widescreen TVs. The DVD image quality is quite good. They haven't really done anything to mess with the colors, or lit the scenes in a way that tell us about the characters, but overall I thought this movie looked good. Sometimes when a film plays on TV and then goes to DVD, it can have a weird look especially when it was initially supposed to come out theatrically. This isn't the case here as everything is softly lit and thus the compression is superb.


Dolby Digital. Like the picture, there wasn't too much about the audio that stood out for me. Apparently, based on the information of this DVD box, Stewart Copeland did the music for this movie. While I guess that makes sense if you factor in the "Message In A Bottle" theme, I just can't believe that this is the same guy who plays drums in The Police. In fact, after doing a quick IMDB search I was even more flabbergasted at the amount of movies that he's done music for that are like this.


Amanda Bynes and a shirtless Chris Carmack grace this front cover. Around them are palm trees and other accouterments from the Caribbean Island. The back features Bynes in a bikini top as she stands photoshopped in the ocean. There are some more pictures of other cast members, a succinct description of what this movie is about, a Special Features listing, a cast list and some minor technical specs.

Final Word

Apparently, this movie was made in 2005 and for some reason it's only seen the light of day now. Why this is I have no ideas as we're not talking about some mega production that the studio bungled the release of, or the kind of movie that usually sits on the shelf. Amanda Bynes is a popular actress and even though she might seem to have less substance than Hilary Duff (if that's possibly), she is popular. I think that certain studio executives have Julia Roberts type plans for her, which makes the release of Lovewrecked on TV and then on DVD all the more perplexing. Whatever the case I am sure that Miss Bynes' fans are going to be happy to see that this movie has finally come out.

Truthfully, I probably wasn't the person to review this DVD. I knew what was going to happen every step of the way, and I just found the story pretty hard to get into. My not liking it is in no way an indication of how this DVD will fare in the marketplace, as I am sure that the intended audience for Lovewrecked and myself are just simply polar opposites.

Lovewrecked was released November 1, 2005.