A man must choose between his daughter and his heroin addiction in the new drama Low Down. John Hawkes stars as a legendary jazz musician who wants to do right by the world, but finds himself getting pulled deeper into his addictions. Elle Fanning is his daughter Amy-Jo, who yearns to live the life her father has always hoped for. Watch as they hurdle insurmountable odds in the first trailer for this awards-season drama. Low Down opens in New York on October 24th, in Los Angeles on October 31st, with additional cities to follow.


Winner of Best Cinematography Award at this year's Sundance Film Festival, LOW DOWN is the story of Amy-Jo Albany and the relationship with her father, legendary jazz pianist Joe Albany.  Based on the memoir by Albany, the film is a compassionate, tender look at the complex relationship between Amy-Jo (Elle Fanning) and her father Joe (John Hawkes), a man torn between his musical ambition, his love for his daughter, and his suffocating heroin addiction. Set against a sensuously textured 1970s Hollywood, the film beautifully evokes a colorful, seedy world of struggling musicians, artists, and vagabonds, in which Joe and Amy-Jo strive to live the lives they want against seemingly insurmountable odds.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange