This time last year, the news was bombarded with men being accused of sexual harassment across the entire entertainment field. As more and more men came under fire, the accusations began to slow down, and it has been fairly quiet on that front, here, twelve months later. That is, until today. Acclaimed director Luc Besson, known for his sci-fi classics The Fifth Element, Valerian and Twelve Monkeys has been accused of sexual assault by five more women.

Four women had already come forward with complaints about Besson earlier in the year. This brings the total number of women to nine. The new allegations come from one of the director's former assistants. A theater producer has also filed a complaint, along with a former EuropaCorp employee, and two students who studied at Besson's studio complex Cité du Cinéma. Most of the women are going unnamed this time.

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The allegations against Luc Besson where filed on Mediapart, which is a French investigative website. It was created by former Le Monde editor Edwy Plenel. This site is where the first four complaints against Besson first appeared. Back in May, Taxi 5 actress Sand Van Roy accused the filmmaker of rape. She claimed she had been attacked at the Bristol Hotel near the Champs-Elysées in Paris.

At the time the allegations were formally filed, Besson 'categorically' denied any and all allegations through his attorney. The rape is still believed to be under investigation by the local police. There were several more complaints against Besson. One includes an alleged assault on a casting director in the 2000s. The filmmaker is also accused of sexually harassing one of his employees.

Besson's former assistant used the Mediapart website to allege that she'd been blackmailed into a sexual relationship with Besson. The two unnamed students are accusing the director of harassment on the site. The filmmaker's former employee is claiming Besson exhibited inappropriate behavior. And the Theater Producer, who has been identified as Karine Isambert, reports that Besson allegedly grabbed her in the midst of a casting call, which took place in a private hotel room back in 1995.

This latest report of sexual misconduct comes from Deadline, who claim they reached out to Luc Besson, but he wasn't available or refused to comment. In recent months, Harvey Weinstein has been back in the news, after being accused of sexually assaulting a teenager. And Superfly star Kaalan KR Walker has been accused of sexual assault after baiting models on Social Media with the promise of work.

It is not yet known what will happen with the new allegations against Luc Besson. No court cases are pending at this time.