Looney Toons: Back In Action: Quint over at Ain't It Cool has done an incredible interview with special effects man Tom Woodruff Jr. on the topic of his latest project, Looney Toons: Back In Action. Read the interview, CLICK HERE

Hellraiser 7 & 8:Bloody Disgusting got a great scoop from someone who attended the FX convention in Orlando over the weekend. In attendance was none other then "Pinhead" himself, Doug Bradley. Bradley spoke about the next 2 Hellraiser flicks which are slated for a direct to video release:

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"He also mentioned the just finished filming of Hellraisers 7 and 8, stating that he had sent an e-mail to Robert Englund stating that he had caught up with him. He gave some opinions on the films as well stating that 1 was still his favorite, 5 is the weakest by far, 7 has impressive potential, and 8 he will be interested to see how fans like it, he seemed to think it could go either way. He also said that although the 2 latest films were shot back to back, they were completely separate films."

X-Men 2:Filmthreat has posted some great new storyboard images from the sequel which feature some very cool Nightcrawler sketches! CLICK HERE

Indiana Jones 4:Fox News talked with George Lucas at the recent New York film Critic's Awards where he mentioned that he had written the script for Indiana Jones 4, and he and Steven Speilberg plan on creating the film sometime this year.

Ocean's Twelve:Variety reports that Warner Bros. is looking at a March 2004 release of the Ocean's 11 sequel, which will include the return of director Steven Soderbergh, and star George Clooney. Jerry Weintraub will again be producing and will be looking to again re-cast Brad Pitt and many of the other original cast members.

Jurassic Park 4: The Hollywood Reporter debunked some rumors this morning about the next Jurassic Park flick:

"Despite all the rumors regarding Vince Vaughn returning in Jurassic Park 4, the rumors are untrue, not only will Vince not be returning, but he was never even considered for the film and was never approached".

Piece Of Pie: American Pie 3 has changed it's name from American Wedding to Piece Of Pie!

Cheech & Chong: In a recent interview on New York's 102.7 WNEW, Tommy Chong confirmed that there will indeed be another Cheech & Chong movie.

Sundance 2003:IGN Filmforce has a huge preview of many of the films playing at this years Sundance Film Festival. For a TON of previews, CLICK HERE

The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers:IGN Filmforce recently talked to the head honcho over at WETA about that amazing effects shot of Legolas getting onto to the horse during the Warg attack...here's what he had to say:

"I saw some reaction from when we were mixing [The Two Towers], and I always thought, 'Well, gee, do we really want to do that?'" said Taylor. "That shot, it's an incidental beat, but [Peter] didn't want a simple moment."

"I said, 'Let's just put [Legolas] on the horse sort of in a conventional manner.' And [Peter] said, 'No, no. I want something completely different; after all, you know, Legolas, he's an elf; he's got to have some special way to get on the horse,'" said Taylor. "And that's Peter's genius: he knows where to push and what is going to get an audience to cheer. When we first showed it to a public audience. Wow!"

Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors: Tons of scoops are running rampant on the net today about trailer previews of Freddy vs Jason, Highwaymen, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Willard, and a 6 minute clip of the crash scene in Final Destination 2, which played the Brooklyn Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors. Word on the street is that the sequence of Freddy vs. Jason that played was amazing.

Here's what 'NeoSe7ens' had o say about the event:

"I've just finished attending this convention in Brooklyn and here's what I found out. First off Tony Timpone previewed a New Line Cinema reel of their upcoming genre films which included: "Freddy vs Jason", "Highwaymen", "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "Willard" and a 6 minute clip of the crash scene in "Final Destination 2". Let me tell you that the F vs J looks really good (spoiler a young Mongoloid Jason gets pulled under water by Freddy who pops out of the water. There's also a scene from a rave in the cornfield and Jason Spearing and hacking teens). The TCM trailer was dark with a girl screaming then we hear a chainsaw buzzing then eventually cutting open a door. Willard, well what can I say he has an army of rats. Highwaymen's killer looks like how Kiefer Sutherland looked in Freeway after what Reese's character did to him. FD2 cast was present including Dir. David R. Ellis, the gorgeous Ali Larter, Michael Landes, A J Cook and some other people. The crash sequence is AWESOME!.

Also Jonathan Breck was there with a really cool trailer for "Jeepers Creepers 2". When we had Q&A with him he'd said that there is only one Creeper in this movie and a lot of cool stunt work. The best way to describe the trailer is imagine there is a giant bat the size of a human swooping down to grab you to store you as food for hibernation. And all this takes place in one day (the 23rd day to be exact). Thomas Jane was there promoting "Dreamcatcher" (He showed a ten minute clip and you'd never guess where the aliens enter and leave their bodies). While talking about DC he had ask the people there if we were familiar with "The Punisher" and if we'd seen the Dolph Lundgren debacle and if we thought it should be remade then he proceeds to tell us that the company who wants to make it offered him the role and that he wasn't sure if he should do it. He made a funny comment about having to work out for the role and that the contract required a sequel clause."

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