Fox and DC Comics have brought on Lina Esco to star in their Lucifer pilot, just one week after they cast actor Tom Ellis as the title character. Lina Esco is playing Mazikeen, a fierce demon who takes the form of a beautiful young woman. In the comics, Mazikeen serves as Lucifer's best friend, bodyguard and occasional lover. In the pilot, the character will be known as Maze.

The plot follows Lucifer, who, after growing bored of ruling over hell, decides to abandon his post and head to Los Angeles, where he finds amusement in helping the L.A.P.D. punish criminals. The earlier version of the pilot script also had Lucifer coming to L.A., but instead of punishing criminals, he opens a piano bar dubbed Lux. This piano bar aspect of the story has since been abandoned. The character first originated in Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics, before getting its own Vertigo spinoff comic series.

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Tom Kapinos, who created the hit Showtime series Californication, wrote the pilot script and is serving as an executive producer alongside Len Wiseman, who is directing the pilot episode, Jonathan Littman and Jerry Bruckheimer. KristieAnne Reed will serve as co-executive producer. It isn't known when production may begin on the pilot. Lina Esco's feature credits include London, Where The Road Meets The Sun, LOL and last year's Free the Nipple, which she also wrote, produced and directed. The actress also starred in the TV series Cane, and has appeared in episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Drop Dead Diva.