Lucky Charms is finally allowing fans to purchase bags of the iconic marshmallows on their own. Don't worry, this isn't like last year when they sold regular marshmallows with the Lucky Charms logo on them or the limited edition contest-only boxes. This is the real deal, and it will only be available for a limited time. The special 6 oz. pouch features all eight of your favorite charms and is currently available for a limited time, while supplies last, with a suggested retail price of $3.99. The Just Magical Marshmallows will become more widely available in September, though price and promotion may vary.

In order to promote the Just Magical Marshmallows, Lucky Charms is offering United States residents in three cities the chance to get more clues. A magical surprise has been promised for residents in Hollywood, California, Huntington Beach, California, and New York City, New York. Fans will have to look in the sky to catch the surprise. The clues are as follows: Hollywood (Aug. 31): Take a lunch time walk and keep your eyes on the Hollywood Hills, Huntington Beach (Aug. 31): Need an afternoon break? Look towards the beach for a view sure to be as magical as the California sunset, and New York (Sept. 1): This dinner time spectacle will make you want to go straight to dessert.

Earlier this month, the Lucky Charms marshmallows were losing their magic. However, the special Lucky Charms song: "Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes. Clovers and Blue Moons. Unicorns, Rainbows, and Tasty Red Balloons!" was able to bring back said magic, and with it, the Just Magical Marshmallows packets. Lucky Charms brand manager Mindy Murray had this to say about the promotion.

"Lucky Charms is the only magical marshmallow cereal and I'm so excited to see that families across the country helped bring the magic back. To thank our fans for helping us restore this magic, we're celebrating the launch of the Just Magical Marshmallows with a spectacle that embodies the magic of Lucky Charms."

So, this limited time promotion is a big thank you to the Lucky Charms fans from all over the country for bringing back the magic. Fans should find this to be better than last year's marshmallow announcement, which left a lot of people let down who have been waiting years to get their hands on just the marshmallows. In addition, brewing company Smartmouth released its limited Saturday Morning Marshmallow IPA last year, which received mixed reviews from beer enthusiasts.

Luckily, the Just Magical Marshmallows packets aren't limited edition like the 15,000 boxes of Lucky Charms featuring just marshmallows from last year. Those boxes were all through a contest and could not be purchased. With that said, the Just Magical Marshmallows packets are only available for a limited time, so don't sleep on this promotion if this is something that you have been waiting your entire life for. The Just Magical Marshmallows news comes to us from the Lucky Charms Instagram account.