Maybe hard to believe, but Netflix has already started production on Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 just after wrapping on Marvel's Jessica Jones, which is debuting sometime later this year. And there are no signs of this train slowing down. Marvel's Daredevil proved to be a huge success on the small screen, with producers recently revealing that they are ramping up production, with one new Marvel series or season to hit the streaming service every six months. Next up, after Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 wraps? Marvel's Luke Cage, of course. And a new rumor claims to know exactly which villain star Mike Colter is going to be fighting.

Mike Colter's Luke Cage will first be introduced in Marvel's Jessica Jones, where he will serve as a key character throughout the entire season run. It isn't yet known if Cage and Jones are married, as they are in the Marvel comic books. Nor is it known if they are parents of a baby daughter. No real plot elements from Marvel's Jessica Jones have been revealed, aside from the synopsis. And it isn't know if both series will share a villain.

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But according to Hemroidal Hollywood, one of the villains will be arriving from the Marvel Power Man comic books to fight Luke bare-fisted. And that is Cornell Cottonmouth. There are no additional details currently available, so it isn't known how this bad guy will be introduced or what his overall role will be. No story details about the standalone Luke Cage series have ever been released, and it does not yet have an official synopsis.

Marvel has introduced a number of villains that go by the name of Cottonmouth. But Cornell Cottonmouth made his first appearance in Power Man #18 way back in 1974. He was a drug dealer who crossed paths with Luke Cage (who, at the time, was known as Carl Lucas} after villian Diamondback (aka Willis Stryker) framed Cage. Cornell Cottonmouth matches Cage in superhuman strength, but has the added benefit of having a mouth full of razor sharp teeth.

It's speculated that the Cornell Cottonmouth character may serve as a bridge between Marvel's Luke Cage series and the next series on Netflix's Marvel roster, Iron Fist. A later comic book story arc sees Cage and Iron Fist fighting each other after Cottonmouth teams with the villain Nightshade. It's possible that Cornell will emerge as a new crime lord hoping to take over for the incarcerated Kingpin, who has lost his grip on Hell's Kitchen.

All four of Netflix's Marvel series are expected to crossover, with 2017's The Defenders serving as a small screen Avengers. Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 is already set to introduce popular Marvel characters The Punisher and Elektra, with Bullseye said to be a primary villain in The Kingpin's absence. Some key elements in Marvel's Daredevil Season 1 pointed to the arrival of Iron Fist. It's possible that Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 will do the same for Marvel's Luke Cage. How all of these shows will intersect and tie together isn't quite clear. But there is a game plan at work. And it just may involve Cornell Cottonmouth. Let's just hope they keep his 70s look in tact.