According to Variety, Luke Flynn will play his grandfather Errol in "In Like Flynn," a film that tells the story of his pre-Hollywood adventures on the high seas.

Scripted by Flynn, Corey Large and Kyle Kramer from Flynn's own memoir "Beam Ends," the $12 million film will start production next year in Australia. Shimon Arama is producing with Large and Alan Pao. The book's title refers to the last visible sign before a ship sinks.

Large and Flynn started writing after they starred together in "Window Theory," a romantic comedy Large wrote and produced. Flynn owned the rights to his grandfather's book, which portrayed Flynn as a swashbuckling daredevil long before he became a film star. That included opium smuggling, womanizing, bar brawling and gold mining, all in the name of getting to Hollywood.

"The film begins with a 23-year-old who'd been bitten by the acting bug but had no money to make his way from Australia to take a film role he'd been offered," said Large, who'll play one of Flynn's shipmates and put the film together through his Wingman Productions banner. "He won a boat in a card game and set sail with three friends. And everything that could go wrong went wrong."