Are you ready for even more Mummy movies? Well, according to Variety, Universal and director Rob Cohen have cast 26 year old Luke Ford as Brendan Fraser's son in the next installment. Their intent is to make future sequels revolving mainly around this new character. Just how many sequels, we don't know.

Ford is set to play Alex O'Connell, who follows his father into China and the Himalayas. There they encounter a terrifying new zombie who can shape-shift at will. The story will set Alex O'Conner's character up for his own adventures.

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Basically, Luke Ford will be carrying the franchise. As Cohen tells it, "We may spin off into a complete father-son direction with Brendan, but by getting an actor who is in his 20s and not a teenager, we can also put the future on his shoulders. He tested against four much more established actors, and he was magic when he read with Brendan."

Jet Li has already been announced as the new Mummy alongside Michelle Yeoh, who has been cast as a wizard. The studio has not yet found a replacement for actress Rachel Weisz. She declined to reprise her role as Evelyn Carnahan O'Connell, Alex's mom.

This third Mummy installment, which does not yet have a title, will begin shooting in Montreal on July 27th. Look for it to hit theaters in July of 2008.